New member Lisa innocently asks:

Hello I'm new to the site but have been an avid skier most of my life.
Avid is such a tepid term.  You must be (a) "rabid" or (b) "obsessed" on
this list.

Regarding the new expansion at Jay Peak I was wondering what everyones
feelings were towards it, if it actually happens?
As you can see, we are unified in hating many things about it, because it
will be a change. Change is not good.  Things should not change, because
they are always better the way they were, you know, like before they went
and changed them.  As in "no changes".  Get it?   However, we will also love
many things about it, because not only will we be able to bitch about how
great Jay used to be before it changed, we can also fight with one another
to be the first to hammer all the new terrain.  Then, we can all talk about
hammering the new terrain to smithereens on a powder day, and we can still
bitch at the same time about how the old Jay was much better before they
changed it. You know, like before they let us in to hammer the new terrain,
like when Jay was good.

Do you think it is worth the effect it might have on the environment?
It will have no impact on the environment at all, expecially in comparison
to the atrocious Snowmachine enthusiast condo complexes blighting half of
the Northeast Kingdom.  Man, you let bunch of  snowmachines in, the next
thing you know, you've got develpoers installing escallators so the lazy
b***tards can get from their fancy-smancy snowmachine condos to their heated
snow machine garages.  Just name me one ski resort that does that!
Will it promote even more housing?
You betcha.. There will now be two 2-star motels instead of one.  Oh, and I
heard that old man McTavish is gonna build a B& B in the loft of his barn on
off  I-89 now that he's went and finally sold the herd this summer. Oh yeah,
and a new Tim Horton's will open in North Troy just as soon as those scumbag
Canadian owners get the approriate permits.  See they gotta keep up with the
rampant development occuring over in East Burke, or the damn snowmachine
enthusiasts will all build their damn condos over there.
  What are some pros and cons for the development of the new side side at
Jays Peak?
Seriously, welcome to the list.  You've hit the goldmine with your first
question. :-)))


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