I can attest to Telenaut's tires.  We drove back from Swampfest in a
snowstorm a few years ago in whiteout conditions.  The road was quite
slick and accidents were everywhere  but we had no issues with traction
or road holding. Could have been his Volvo tho - I was quite impressed
with the FWD wagon.  I believe we passed Eric and Jane Krupka on the way
back as well (Dan was driving at that time).


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Eric J Krupka wrote:

> What's
> the latest thinking on the Blizzak, Dunlop Graspic,
> Goodyear Ultra Grip Ice, Michelin Arctic-Alpin,
> Michelin Pilot-Alpin?

Ooh. Ooh. Pick me. I know this one!

Hakkapeliita 1's.

Had 'em on my Volvo and replaced them with the same when they got worn
out. Unfortunately, what I need to replace now is my low-clearance,
FrontWD Volvo.


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