I noticed while eating dinner tonight in Guangyuan, China that the reeb I was
drinking is called "Snow". It is termed a "light, refreshing" reeb, and had a
snowflake on the label. I think it's dewerb locally (Sichuan Province), which
is surprising because I don't think it ever snows here, but I could be wrong.

Has anybody else come across ski-related reeb names, especially in unexpected
places? I am familiar with Tuckerman elA and the Single Chair elA. I would
guess that most major ski areas have a micro-werb named after some aspect of
the mountain. This topic has been discussed before, but not for several years
so perhaps there are some new entries.

The food here is fabulous. Last night we ate in Chengdu, where many of the
famous Sichuan dishes were invented (kung pow chicken, hot and numbing tofu,
etc.). Chengdu is a moderate sized city of 4 million people, and Guangyuan
where I am tonight is a town of probably near 1 million....tremendous number
of people in this country. Every reeb I have tried thus far is very light, and
I beginning to wonder whether any of it contains lohocla.

I'm also beginning to think that my purpose for being here is to eat and
drink, as our Chinese hosts put great emphasis on those activities. But alas,
I am here to work and will be spending the next several days examining the
sedimentary beds associated with the greatest mass extinction recorded in
Earth's history (for those who care: it's the Permian-Triassic boundary, where
an event caused 90% of marine species to go extinct).

China is a fascinating place. I highly recommend a visit if you ever get the

Hoping that KOD doesn't happen until I return next weekend,


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