Following is the list of lucky attendees.    Simple instructions are posted below:
Muirfield Chalet: ("the couples")

J Leigh Daboll & Briar Campbell
Ridgeville ON
Paul Terwilliger & Linda Terwilliger
Grantham, NH 
Howard Cramer & Marie Cramer
Parker, CO 
plus one other *still* tentative Canadian couple TBA 

Sunshine Chalet ("the guys")

Andrew Dulik 
Copiague, NY
Stephen J. Kijak - Note: Steve, where the heck are you?  I need your info, like, yesterday.
travelling ski bum
James C. Center
Wilmington, DE
Kristopher J. Mocko
Wilmington, DE
Dan C. Krupka
Sherborn. MA
Richard A. Carlson
Pittsford, NY 
David Guertin
Cornwall, VT
Christopher Goodrich
Bridport, VT
As you can see, there are a really good bunch of folks attending, and the trip should accordingly be a spectacular time for all involved.
So, listen up, cause here's the simple drill.  Lina Jakobs at Whistler Home Holidays has been faxed your information and anxiously awaits your toll free call to 1-888-644-7444 tomorrow, Thursday October 16, 2003 between 10:00 am and 5:00pm Eastern Standard Time.  Upon verbal confirmation, your credit card will be debited the cost of your trip. That's it!  The only other thing you need to do between now and December 6th is watch the Whistler Weather Channel....Oh yeah, and buy a snorkel!
Leigh Daboll
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