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>Is there snow in Northern VT?  Yes.  Is it skiable?
>Well, that's probably debatable.

Nah, you skied it, so it's skiable.

>I was able to hike up cobrass
>to the summit of the vista chair.

Generally Sherman's Pass is shorter route, but no matter...

>Depth measurements
>were hard to come by due to blowing, but i would guess
>3 inches at the base and closer to 5 or 6 at the top,
>with drifts much deeper. Full-on winter conditions at
>the summit with rime, blowing snow, and a temp near

I'm there...

>The ski down was sometimes great, sometimes
>dicey; the biggest problems being the windswept areas
>and rivers flowing under the snow.  Even my freshly
>waxed (waxless by the time I got to the bottom) skis
>were sticking.  Not the greatest, but waaaaay better
>than my first outing on October 3.

Yeah, the snow cover in your Oct. 3 pictures does look questionable...

>So I wouldn't drop
>whatever you are doing and race to the mountains, but
>then again any skiing in October is good skiing -
>especially when there's powder involved.

Are you kidding?  TEO, Saturday morning?  Or will it be re-frozen
crud in the a.m.?  Night patrol on such variable cover is highly
questionable... Jay looks like it got less, as did Stowe... but it's hard
to say from the pics 'o the day...  Any reports from SB, MRG, or Big K?

Hearty golf clap, Mark.  First turns in VT this season by a skivittler,
folks? (Or did Hugh Hermann maybe beat Mark by a few hours down in Pomfret?)

-Jim B.

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