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"Henry, Chris" wrote: > I'm curious what other training people have been
doing, and how have the > results been.

Eric: >I run, in the dark, on icy sidewalks (when available). As Killy
would say, it's good for the intelligence of the feet. <

I used to bicycle in the dark on ice on steep narrow streets with cars
parked on both sides, without using the brakes.  Did it for years, along
with lots of other stuff that now raises the hair on the back of my neck.
I must be living on borrowed time.  That's why I have turned into such a

WRT Training, I go backwards on the Stairmaster.  It has a somewhat
similar feel to telemarking in deep powder.  Anyhow I deceive myself into
thinking it is a tele specific workout but I'll bet it would help alpine
skiers too.  Letting go of the rails forces you to use the balancing and
core muscles as well.  I would get a Skier's Edge if they had an adaptor
to allow a tele lead change coupled with the side to side motion.  I have
had a couple of phone conversations with them about that idea.  I believe
they think I'm nuts.

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