hey skiers--

i'm a new skier in vt (just 9 years), and i've been an occaisional lurker
on this site--but i was thinking the time is right to lay down a report.
maybe it's the october jones, and this feels like a support group, i don't

big powder day at mrg!  well... ok, it was 3 inches, give or take, but we
made turns, real turns!

hiked rat to the double... at the hairpin on the road (last right turn to
head up to dub, or keep going to mid), the fluff seemed to double in
depth.  spikes of grass and brushogged shrubs sprouted through the snow,
little rivers trickled, but the snow kept coming all day (or at least for
the two hours we were out)... first run on green (forgot the name): once we
picked up speed, it was sweet.  had to keep those feet out front and watch
for rocks.  threw in a couple of jump turns, and went down (on the same
asscheek that would take a couple more poundings before the end of the
day).  went all the way too the top parts of canyon.  jump-jump-jump-jump-
biff.  repeat.

when me and the bush dr. looked back up, he said, "i can't believe we just
skied that boneyard."

but the second run: quacky--ah yeeeeah, this was it--good coverage
(relatively speaking), blown in a bit on the sides... made some actual
carves--enough to get that feeling!  carved it down to the big road
again... and decided not to push it--the goods were limited.

i wonder when the next one is...


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