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>to air is human...... we have always been consumed by flight. Some a little
>more than others. I enjoy "droppin' in" and the feeling of no control when
>giving in to gravity off a 10 footer or even a 40 footer.

>No mater how you look at it, its a rush. It also draws a pretty clear line
>in the snow as to where you stand. Yes it takes balls, but it also takes a
>good deal of skill.

Reminds me of my greatest, and probably dumbest, huck. A spur of the moment
40-footer at Alta that was probably twice what I ever have done before or
since. Don't know how much skill was involved in my case - I'm going to
venture and say very little, but I do remember rolling up the windows for
an insane amount of time and then taking three or so somersaults and coming
up with a bloody face, smashed goggles, but fortunately nothing more
serious... or so I tell myself as I continue to search for clues as to why
I needed back surgery at the age of 22.


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