To address the original question, Those guys not only have balls they are
good.  There is a strong natural selection at work in getting to the point
where you can be in those videos.  What I worry about is that the constant
exposure to Rad-Dudism will lead impressionable kids to try stuff for
which they are in no way qualified.

The trend toward more and bigger air is the reason I am not very
interested in most recent ski videos.  I'll call them "traditional" that
is, more & bigger air = better.  I enjoy watching artful skiing in all
kinds of terrain on big mountains.  My current favorite vid is "Big
Mountain Little Skier" by Nils Larson and Freeheels productions.  It is
all powder, except for perhaps the most artful segment of all, late spring
skiing on light gear at Tioga Pass.  In the rest of it the snow is so deep
you can't tell what kind of turn they are making.  Half of them are
parallels anyway and they are all so good that it doesn't make any
difference.  "Beyond the Groomed" is another fav from Freeheels.

I have been neglectful of the ski porn collection recently and I'd like to
ask if someone could repost the links to the latest ski DVDs from Jay and
Wes.  Their stuff is great; I've got to get them.  Thanks in advance.

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