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    Jerm> Plus there's the whole concept of being able to shoot at
    Jerm> will and toss the bad shots with impunity -- which happens a
    Jerm> lot when shooting skiers.

That's a big plus in digital photography. On the other hand, there are
also pitfalls to this capability. How many online albums have we seen
"Here's Joe standing in front of a tree. Here's Joe standing in front
of a tree 6 inches to the left. Here's 28 more shots of Joe standing
in front of a tree." etc. etc. :-)

I borrow my wife's pocket-sized digital camera all the time when I
just want snapshots. Unfortunately, it has a huge lag time between
pressing the shutter release and opening the shutter, which makes it
nearly useless for action shots (like skiing).

I like digital cameras. I'm thinking about the same as you. When the
Canon 10D or Nikon D100 get below $1000, then I'll get more serious
about making the switch.

Dave G.

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