I have picked up quite a few training tips over the years from this list.
My favorite and the easiest was Denis' "old folks exercises" and I have
incorporated his tips into my life.  Just a few things you can get in the
habit of doing and it just becomes the way you do things.  Now I always
take stairs two at a time, always.

Denis' post on old folks exercise:

I had my torn rotator cuff repaired about 8 weeks ago and I have been going
for physical therapy three times a week in addition to going to the gym
three times a week.  The physical therapy has gotten very intense and takes
about two hours now.  A lot of the movements the physical therapist has
given me for the shoulder use lunges and I am doing a total of 400 lunges
each time I go for physical therapy!  The most weight I use is 3 lbs. in
each hand, but the lunges are anterior, posterior and lateral. I never
really worked my adductors too much before and the first few times I did
the lateral lunges I could really feel my adductors the next day.

I really can't do anything other than the PT for my arms and shoulders
until I get the okay from the orthopedic surgeon.  When I go to the gym all
I do is abs, legs, back extensions and cardio.  I work the glutes and quads
hard one day a week.  For quads I use the 45 degree leg press.  I used to
go really heavy, up to 630 lbs.  I can still do the heavy weight, but my
knees will bother me the next day.  I only go up to 270 lbs. now, but I do
them very slow and keep doing reps till exhaustion.

Because I can't do any upper body in the gym right now I have been doing
calves three days a week.  My favorite is donkey raises and I always follow
with seated calf raises, this seems to really hit the soleus.

For cardio I alternate between the elliptical cross trainer, stair climber,
stationary bicycle and some other equipment I don't even know what their
called.  I do a minimum of 30 minutes.  At least once a week I will do 45
minutes of interval training on the stationary bike.  I do 5 minute
intervals.  For the first 2 minutes I like to keep the pulse about 120,
then I increase the resistance for 1 minute with the pulse at 130, the 4th
minute I increase the resistance till the pulse gets to about 140, for
minute 5 I increase resistance again and for the last 40 seconds I increase
the resistance to maximum and stand up on the pedals and push as hard as I
can.  This usually gets my pulse up over 160 and I bonk by the end of the
5th minute, drop the resistance and let pulse drop down to 120.  I repeat
this every 5 minutes for 45 minutes.

When I am at work I will frequently climb stairs (Denis' method) two at a
time in buildings up to 10 stories high.  Finding a stadium and running up
the bleachers is a good workout too.  I much prefer that to distance

One of the best sites I have found on the internet for weight training is

Off to the gym. . .

John H. Jordan

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