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| When "Air" goes bad...
| Had to fight my way through crowds of reporters for two days in court
| this past week.  What publicity! [read: What a bonehead!]
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"The Canton, Michigan, man is the only person known to have survived a
plunge over the falls without a safety device."

Not so.  In 1981 when I was working in Niagara Falls with the State Park
Police there was a suicide attempt over the Horseshoe Falls.  The "jumper"
went over the falls in early summer with a large crowd watching.  He
survived the plunge and was swimming in the pool below the falls.  The
captain on one of the Maid of the Mist boats spotted him in the water
waving at the boat with both hands, just below the falls where the boat
begins its turn to head back downstream.  The captain did not react quickly
enough and his boat, with a full load of passengers, went over the swimmer.
The captain stated he felt the boat shudder as the propellers hit the
swimmer.  The captain was very distraught when he gave his statement.

About four to six weeks later in August I had to climb down into the
Niagara Gorge below the whirlpool and retrieve.  The propeller on the Maid
of the Mist had dismembered the body into a number of pieces.  As I recall,
at least four trips were made down into the gorge as pieces of the
dismembered body became lodged in the rocks with the rising and falling of
the water pool between the whirlpool and the Robert Moses Power Plant.

Everything had to be brought up and turned over to the ME.  On one trip I
played a little joke on the ME based on a Timex watch commercial that had
been airing around that time, "Timex takes a licking . . ."   Do you think
the networks would have aired that commercial?

I remember thinking how ironic it was for a person to attempt suicide and
plunge over Niagara Falls, survive the 180 foot plunge and then be run over
and killed by his would be rescuers.  I think the captain on the Maid of
the Mist was occupied turning his vessel by reversing one propeller and
speeding up the other propeller and he couldn't stop his vessel in the
turbulent water below the falls.  I doubt if Kirk Jones realizes how
fortunate he is.

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