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> Any speculation on whether not-too-riduculous skiing will be
possible in
> northern VT this Thursday or Friday?  (Sugarloaf has a pic of
> skiing, but looks pretty marginal.)

That pic appears to have been taken *really* low on the mountain.
I expect higher up should be much better.  The nearest weather
station is Greenville, and their high yesterday was 35 at lake
level (30 today...), so I'm hopeful it's going to be sufficiently
deep up high.  I'm likely headed to the 'loaf Saturday.  I've
also heard that Sunday River had guns going on T2 for a second
time last night, but I don't see anything on their site about it
so I'm not sure I believe it.

> My October turns at Stowe in 00 and Jay in 01 are my favorite
> memories, plus I'm starting to realize that I don't want a
ski-less Oct
> (last one was in '91).
> I suppose I could try Tenney on Saturday, but I like to think I
have more
> dignity than that (even though I probably don't).

It's a haul, but how about Tremblant?  Frank posted a pic from
yesterday on FTO's chat area.  Check conditions live with
Tremblant's excellent interactive web-cam.

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