I started out with a Sony Mavica that wrote to a floppy. Worked well for
photos you'd put online or print small (4-6) photos with, but anything
larger and you could tell it was digital.

I later upgraded to the Olympus E-20 N, its a few years old, but it holds
its own. Photo quality is great, but its limited to a few lense options. 5.2
mp and writes to both compact flash and smartmedia which is nice.

I ski with it often. As long as you have some sort of pack you can pad,
you're fine.

At some point I plan to upgrade to the Canon EOS-1Ds. Yeah I know the body
is over 5k, but right you can use all the Canon EF lenses if you have the
$$$ to buy them all.

I hear the picture quality is great and its one of the cameras to have as
far as digital SLR goes.

I'm sure by the time I have enough money to spend on the canon, technology
will have again advanced and resulted in something better.

So for now I'll work with what I have. What I do know is if the person
operating it takes bad photos, there ain't no camera in the world, digital
or not that can turn them into good photos.

I'm more than willing to let anyone try mine out later this winter.


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