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>For  an interesting and insightful analysis of Rush Limburger's
>treatment see

Yeah, but who's really to blame here? I think it's Hillary's fault - so
does Rush:

Limbaugh Says Drug Addiction A Remnant Of Clinton Administration
Frankly discussing his addiction to painkillers, conservative talk-show
host Rush Limbaugh told his radio audience Monday that his abuse of
OxyContin was a "remnant of the anything-goes ideology of the Clinton
Administration." "Friends, all I can say is 'I told you so,'" said
Limbaugh, from an undisclosed drug-treatment facility. "Were it not for
Bill Clinton's loose policies on drug offenders and his rampant immorality,
I would not have found myself in this predicament." Limbaugh added that
he's staying at a rehab center created by the tax-and-spend liberals.

-marc, avid Onion reader
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