> But I wonder how  much of jumping off
> the big stuff is really skill versus having the balls just to
> do it.  So listers, what do you think about this stuff?

Natural selection right before our very eyes.

Seem like every thrill sport has developed a
death wish mentality.  I recall an essay from
Outside magazine (by Krakauer, if I recall correct)
about the culture of death in Chamonix.

Something quite primal to the challenge.  A little
voice in my head whispers, "So boy, you man enough?"

> Will the rest of us be nothing but boring old dinosours
> hiding in the trees?

'Tis my aspiration.  Steve Barnett has oft been quoted
as saying never ski faster than you're willing to
hit a tree.  Doug Coombs has said his strategy for
bumps is to ski somewhere else.  Who am I to argue.

'Course, Eugene Miya told me that my hiking/skiing
aspirations were, how did he say it?..., pedestrian.

Luckily the circle of people I need to prove things
to is growing smaller.  Now, if I could just quiet
that little voice in my own head.

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