But you still have to pay for film and developing!
Add up what you spend on that over the course of a couple years and it's a lot easier to justify switching. Canon released a digital EOS Rebel camera body in August. Accepts the standard SLR lenses. 6.3 MP. You can find it online for around $900. A lotta money, but that's a lot better than the $4000-6000 digital SLRs went for just a couple years ago.  Of course on top of that $900 you're gonna want a 1 GB memory card ($250), spare battery, more lenses, yada yada...

I want one, but needed a good small point and shoot first, cause that's a camera that'll actually get used for skiing and climbing. Hauling an SLR around skiing is a major PITA, admit it. So I went looking for something small with res acceptable for web pics and a good range of manual functions. Ended up getting a Canon A70.

What I like...
Pretty small but easy to hold. It has the same mode dial as an EOS (M P Av Tv, etc etc) which is what I'm used to. Has a manual focus, aperture and shutter speed settings that are easy to use (you don't have to wade through 10 menus to get to them). Takes 2.5 fps, which is enough for me. Takes 640x480 movies with sound. 4 AA batteries instead of the usual 2, hopefully that means it lasts longer on a charge. Shutter lag isn't as bad as other digital cameras I've used, especially if you use the manual settings.

What I don't like...
The aperture range is really small compared to SLR lenses (although I guess that's what you'd expect with such a small lens). Finding a filter or something to protect the lens is proving difficult, but they're out there (exactly how they attach is a mystery -- no threads). Only things included were a paltry 16MB CF card and some crappy alkaline batteries.

Anyone else have this one?


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>>>>> "Chromer" == Chromer  <Chromer> writes:

    Chromer> (film? how quaint!)

Sign me up on the quaint photo team. After years of hearing how

a) digital photography has finally equalled film quality; and
b) digital cameras are really cheap now

I finally decided to convert my SLR setup to digital. Then I priced
what a digital setup comparable to my modest SLR camera and lenses
would cost. Alas, I discovered that a) and b) above are mutually

So I kept the old SLR and bought a film scanner instead, at about
1/10th the price. It's a lot of fun, plus I can digitize all my old
slides and negatives.

Dave G.

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