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> Coombs is a yssup.  The strategy for bumps is
> seek them out and destroy them with extreme
> prejudice!!  Bumps just mean you need better
> legs.  Or was that younger knees?!?!?

What *was* I thinking. Bump are the best.
The only way to prove you are a good skier
is to ski the bumps.  Chicks dig bump skiers.
Other men are filled with shame and envy when
in the presence of a good bump skier.

All skiers should strive be good bump skiers
and should spend as much time skiing bumps as
possible. All skiers should spend as much time
at ski areas and on ski runs known for their
high quality bumps.

I hear that Outer Limits has the best bumps.
That or National.  Either way, everybody should
ski at Killington or Stowe.

Man, what *was* I thinking.

Vail - Best bumps in the world

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