Giraffe will be down this Saturday morning from approximately 8-10 AM.  It
will also be down Sunday evening from approximately 7-9 PM.   The system
needs to be brought down to replace the disk storage on the system.

During this time there will be no access to the Banner Student System or
any of the Oracle Databases hosted on that system.   Here is a list of the
applications which will be effected:

>1) Banner student information system (PROD, AIST, PPRD)
>2) Bullseye/Line Management/Recruit Your Position/Employee Training
>Records systems (BDGT, BDGX)
>3) UVM Data Warehouse (WHSE, WHSX)
>4) Resource25 class/event scheduling system (R25, R25X, R25Y)
>5) Imaging system (IMG)
>6) Facilities Management system (FMSP, FMSX, FMST)
>7) Kronos Workforce Central system (KRNP, KRNX, KRNT)
>8) PowerPark transportation system (TPSP, TPSX)
>9) InfoEd Proposal Tracking system (OSP)

Let me know if you have questions.

-- Ed