In Middlebury the DLT is appointed by the selectboard and happens to be the
Town Manager. He is paid salary so does not collect fees or penalties.
Supply expenses are paid by the Town. All expenses incurred for tax sale are
passed on to the homeowner. My office is still the one that actually accepts
pmts, but once tax sale has started we do not accept pmt unless it is the
entire amount owed including costs of tax sale. This includes lawyers,
advertising, etc. It is the DLT that sends notices and initiates the tax

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> Hi everyone-  I am wondering how many clerk/treasurers out there also act
> as the delinquent tax collector.  Is it a  separate office that you have
> to run for, or is it simply part of the clerk/treasurer's duties?  Also,
> how many hours a week on average do the delinquent tax duties take up.
> Thanks alot!  Missy from Hinesburg