We don't have a separate oath book.  I just print them from the computer each time, have the new officers sign them, and then record (photocopy) a blank one with a statement that the following people took this oath for this office:  and then list names, dates, and offices.  I record this in the same book of records where I record town meeting minutes, warnings, etc.  Of course I do this because it has always been done this way! :)

-Bobbi in Marshfield

At 09:44 AM 11/17/2003 -0500, you wrote:
Has anyone computerized their oath book?  If so, what program are you using and how are you binding them?  Do you have to reprint them each time to get them in order, or do you just keep adding to the list?  I'm trying to save some time, and typing them in the book takes forever because we have so many.