This is the Vermont bird report for Sunday, Nov. 30, 2003, covering the
period from Saturday Nov 22 - Sunday Nov 30.

Although migration is settling down as winter approaches, the hardcore
birders of Vermont who are not be deterred by wind, snow, and falling
temperatures are still supplying some juicy observations of rarities and
late migrants.

On the 22nd a juvenile NORTHERN GANNETT was seen over Lake Champlain in
Charlotte. Another was seen in Grand Isle 2 days later, quite possibly the
same individual. Two CATTLE EGRETS were seen in a field with horses in
Athens, Vermont on the 24th.

SNOW GEESE had not left the state as of the 26th, although there have been
no reports of them after that date. A "vast" flock was seen in the
cornfield at the junction of Route 7 and Three Mile Bridge Road in East
Middlebury. This is apparently the same flock that has been hanging around
Cornwall Swamp and in fields east of Otter Creek for about 3 weeks.
Approximately 110 CANADA GEESE were seen at Lake Pinneo on the 24th. Pompy
Flats sported NORTHERN PINTAIL and 100 MALLARDS on the 23rd.

At Charlotte Town Beach on the 23rd, a female BARROW'S GOLDENEYE was seen
in a flock of ~120 COMMON GOLDENEYE. A female Barrow's was seen again on
the 27th, possibly the same individual. A male was seen over the lake in
Charlotte on the 25th, quickly making its way south. Other birds seen from
the Town Beach on the 27th included 32 HORNED GREBES, RED-NECKED GREBES,

Lake Bomoseen yielded some interesting finds on the 24th, including 15
KINGFISHER. Both species of mergansers were also seen on Lake Dunmore.

A late TURKEY VULTURE was spotted in Shelburne on the 27th! A MERLIN was
having an early Thanksgiving dinner at the VPT station in Colchester on
Wednesday the 26th, but preferred pigeon over the traditional poultry. An
AMERICAN KESTREL was spotted on the telephone wires on the Shoreham -
Whiting Road on the 29th. Although this is somewhat late for this species,
the lack of snow cover means small mammals are fairly easy prey.

One of the most interesting sightings of the week was a WHITE-RUMPED
SANDPIPER, seen foraging on the rocky shoreline directly below the
Champlain Bridge on Thanksgiving Day. Grabbing some last-minute leftovers?

A NORTHERN SHRIKE was seen in Panton on Turkey Day, and scattered reports
of BLUEBIRDS still appear on the listserv. A BOHEMIAN WAXWING was lurking
within a small flock of CEDAR WAXWINGS at Shelburne Bay on the 27th.

This past 10 days brought only one report of a MYRTLE WARBLER.  On Nov.
23rd, one immature was seen in Brookline (Windham county). Could this be
the last sighting of this species for this year?

A single LAPLAND LONGSPUR was spotted within a flock of SNOW BUNTINGS and
HORNED LARKS at Long Point in Ferrisburg. Reports of PINE SISKINS continue,
and in some cases people are seeing them at their feeders for the first
time. A few scattered reports of one or two COMMON REDPOLLS have come in
over the past week.

PINE and EVENING GROSBEAKS can be seen in the Kingdom along with the usual
species unique to that area such as BLACK-BACKED WOODPECKER, BOREAL
CHICKADEE, and GRAY JAY. PINE GROSBEAKS have been seen as far south as

Gobble gobble!

Thanks to the following contributors whose observations were cited above
for the period: Don Clark, Bill Council, Doug and Spencer Hardy, Kevin
Hemeon, Dave Hoag, Holly Hungerford, Dick Lavallee, Laurie Miner, Scott
Morrical, Ted Murin, Jim Osborn, Roy Pilcher, Larry Rogers, Bill Shepard,
Shelagh Smith, Stephan Sturup, John Sutton, Sharon Tierra, Matthew Toomey,
Sue Wetmore, and Ian Worley.

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