I had been putting off feeding the birds as we will be away for the month
of Nov.  BUT, I was having severe withdrawal with the inactivity in my yard
-- soooooooooo I succumbed!   Now I know why I feed the birds.

Within minutes there was a BLUEJAY pigging out and spreading the wealth for
the (now 4) gray squirrels below.   Chickadees and Titmouse quickly
appeared with WB Nuthatch and Downy WP.  Day 2 brought Juncos and White
Throated SP.  Day 3 brought in the Goldfinches and as I sit at my computer
watching the activity, a Sharpshin flies into the tree!

Ahhhhhhhhhhh, back to my daily fix from Mother Nature.

5 BUFFLEHEADS  at nearby pond - 11/2/03


E. Dorset, VT