What a beautiful day for birding in the Champlain Valley!

Shelburne Beach: two gulls, way out; 6 Junco.

Charlotte Beach: 4 Horned Grebe, close to shore and NOT diving (!) so I
could really get a good look at them; pair of Bufflfehead; 4 C. Merganser.

Ferry: several gulls.

Dead Creek: thousands of Snow Geese, all east of the viewing area road but
some close to Rte. 17; many Mallards, Black Ducks, Pintails, Green-Wing and
Blue-Wing Teal; 2 Great Blue Heron; 20+ Greater Yellowlegs in a group plus
a few others elsewhere; 2 No. Harrier, 1 each Red-tailed and Rough-legged
Hawk; 2 murders of Crows, one with 40 birds, the other with 110 (both
groups flying higher than the naked eye could see); a cloud of at least 200
unidentifiable small black birds.  Also one Monarch butterfly, flapping
like crazy and zipping right along.

Champlain Bridge: gulls.

Tri-Town Water Plant: gulls.

On Greenbush Road, 40+/- Crows were feeding in a field and an adult Red-
tailed Hawk flew along beside me for a while.

Two grebes (Pied-billed, I think, but it was so dark by then and they were
so far out I'm not sure) paddled quickly along on Shelburne Pond.  As I
tried to see them in the dusk, loud honking heralded the arrival of a flock
of geese--6 Canadas and a lone Snow.

Sherry Mahady, Essex Jct.