11 participants joined the Rutland County
Audubon/Otter Creek Audubon field trip to Basin
Harbor today. Bright sunshine, no wind, good
company and 28 species made it an enjoyable

New to our list for Basin Harbor were common loon
(9), red-necked grebe (1), northern harrier (1),
eastern bluebird (2), and dark-eyed junco (1),
bringing our total species for the area since May
to 91.

Other highlights included Canada goose (285),
common merganser (8), hooded merganser (10),
red-tailed hawk (1) Bonaparte's gull (1), great
blue heron (1), northern flicker (1), house wren
(1), and tufted titmouse (2).

Later in the day at Dead Creek WMA: red-tailed
hawk (1), northern rough-legged hawk (2),
northern harrier (2), American tree sparrow (6),
a large number of mallard and black duck and
about 1,000 snow geese.

Sue Elliott

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