In all likelihood they were Rusty BB's in this area. We had a female
overwinter here last year at Ausable Point SP. Another hint that may help
you decide on the ID - Brewers prefer a more "open-area" type of habitat
whereas Rusties prefer wet, wooded areas & swamps. What was the habitat like
where you saw them??

Dana Rohleder
Port Kent, NY

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Sent: Monday, November 10, 2003 1:12 PM
Subject: Brewer's blackbird in breeding plumage

> Yesterday (11/09/2003) we had two blackbirds at our backyard feeder for
> 40 minutes that were in full breeding plumage, adult males both.  I had
> time to take several photos and glass them at 30 feet; even with Sibley in
> I could not find any way to be certain of the supposed differences between
> Brewer's and Rusty bb's.  No accompanying females (which have differing
> or any vocalization.  My quandery is a.) what are they doing here in
> VT, in November? and b.) what about the breeding plumage in November??
> Sibley says "Jan-Aug" for this plummage for both species.
>   Probably would not have posted this except for the number of Icterid
> sitings posted already.
> Ray Barnes posting via Liz Alton <[log in to unmask]>