Snuck in an hour or so of migrant-watching on Brigham Hill both Sat and Sunday this weekend between family obligations. What a difference a day makes:

That blast of arctic air and wind from the north made for some great activity Sat. Between 10:30 and 11:45 am, I counted 40 RED TAILED HAWKS heading southward, at times coming through beak-to-tail. Not a single other hawk sp though. Also counted over 1000 SNOW GEESE, and almost as many CROWS. Back in my yard, I had my first N. Shrike of the year - a great new bird for the yard list!

Sunday, I spent about 30 minutes on lookout before calling it quits: saw one RT, a hundred or so Snow geese and a few score crows. Colchester Pond had about 50 CANADA GEESE, 20 HOODED MERGANSER (@15 Drakes), and a raft of 100 or so CMN MERGS. Some other ducks too far out to ID.

Still thawing out.

Brigham Hill
Essex, VT