At my childhood home in Petersburgh NY we always had them year round. Kevin
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  >On Tue, 18 Nov 2003, The Copenhavers wrote:
  > > Three female Evening Grosbeaks visited my feeder briefly this morning.
  > > I usually see only a couple a year and they never stay.  Must be the
  > > wrong habitat for them.  Where are they seen on a more regular basis?
  > >
  > > Ken Copenhaver
  > > Fairfax
  >I don't see/hear Evening Grosbeaks often, but I have
  >noticed them in the foothills around Richmond during
  >all 4 seasons; most recently about a month ago.

  I echo Ernie. Most of the EVGR sightings are coming from mid elevations
  right now. But they are starting to come down with scattered small flocks
  in Woodstock noted this week. Before they were up around 1800 ft elevation
  in spruce mix woods. There does appear to be a good spruce cone crop this
  year. A look at eBird maps shows very scattered and few reports across the
  Northeast over the last 3 months.


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