it is like the wheelchair sign, but with two hands
with the thumbs and one fingers together on each
The other is showing a TTY/TTD machine.

I think a picture is at

Or ask the RI School for the Deaf at

Mike Yared

<<From: "Jo-Anne Aspri" <[log in to unmask]>
Subject: Sign language symbol?

I thought this would be easy, but the answer is
eluding me. We are looking for a symbol or icon--
internationally/universally recognized if there is
one, to convey the idea "sign language spoken
here". Something along the lines of restroom or stop
signs, for example. There are so many great deaf/sign
language or translation service websites, as
one would expect, but I am coming up empty! Hmm I do
not see such a sign on any of these websites-can it
mean there IS no such thing?! Hard to believe.


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