I was appalled to learn today (from both Ebsco and Wiley) that I am going
to have to pay an extra $400 in 2004 for my library subscription to
Hepatology. Beginning next year, the Hepatology institutional subscription
includes the journal Liver Transplantation as a "mandatory component."
(I'm quoting from the letter I received from Wiley). That means libraries
who only want Hepatology will have to pony up approximately $1200 instead
of $795. We don't do transplants at our hospital, and I've only borrowed
Liver Transplantation once in the last three years. Unfortunately,
Hepatology is one of our most heavily used titles.

What a ripoff!

Carolyn Fishel, MLS
Manager of Library Services
Kaiser Permanente Medical Center
1425 South Main Street
Walnut Creek, CA 94596
925-295-4311; 925-295-4303 (fax)
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