I was really sad to see this e-mail I received today. Russ Coile was clearly
a very intelligent person who was an asset to healthcare administration. He
published predictions about the trends in healthcare, with a great degree of


Jeannine Cyr Gluck, MLS, AHIP
Director of the Medical Library
Eastern Connecticut Health Network
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Dear Friends and Subscribers of Health Trends,

It is with deepest regret that I inform you that Russ Coile's Health Trends
will not be published any longer due to the death of the editor, Russ Coile.
Russ died last week, November 10, 2003 from complications of brain cancer
which he battled for 7 months.  Russ was able to work and travel up until
October 22, and for that we are very grateful.

If you have already sent a check for payment of the Internet version of
Health Trends for next year, we will be sending you a refund.  We want to
thank all of you for the interest that you showed in Health Trends, as it
was with great enthusiasm that he wrote it.

If you wish to send a note to the family, please access for an online book of remembrance.

Thank you,
Jomaye Schmidt

Jomaye Schmidt
Russ Coile's Health Trends
17021 Running Ridge Road
Washington, TX 77880
office 936 878-9986
fax  936-878-9985