We have a 1955 edition of the Natural Childbirth Primer by Grantly
Dick-Read....what a gem!

The pictures are priceless, and of course, this goes with his seminal work
"Childbirth Without Fear".  This book is STILL in print!  Hard to
believe...but I am having a discussion with one of my colleagues who
believes we should rid the library of this book because it is so old.  Then
the thought was, if we keep it, we should indicate on the record that it is
"historical" so that no one really tries to purchase some of the unique
undergarments illustrated :o)

Would you keep this book, and, if so, would you give it any other subject
heading other than "natural childbirth psychology" or otherwise indicate
that it is perhaps not the most current resource?  I say, keep it on the
shelf...I'm somehow attached to it!



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