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Subject:      Re: Stowe to open early

Winter of '00-'01: Great early season in December, the period ended with
the New Years Day dump and then a large portion of Jan and most of Feb
were quiet, then the pattern came back in early March and went from the
Meeting Day dump to mid April then the season died quickly. All that
snowpack was gone a lot faster then it should've with the warm period that
followed through early June. Good call Skip. <

Huh???   Excuse me but wasn't 00-01 the _great_ winter, the one where it
didn't rain or thaw for 10 weeks, the one where New England skiers forgot
what edges on ice sounded like, the one where a half dozen of us went on a
backcountry trip on Woodward Mountain where the tops of 25 ft. tall trees
were buried under gigantic wind ripples of snow, the one where Jay Peak
hit 600 inches?  IMHO New England winters defy characterization.  The only
way to deal with them is to be an opportunist.  When it snows, pounce on
it.  This is easier said than done if you live 500 miles away, but I do my
best and hit it right several times each year.

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