Scott asked:

>Matt- How far is the drive from Summit County to Wolf Creek?

From Blue River it's about 3 and a half hours, Rt 285 most of the way. Add
30-45 minutes if departing from Dillon, Silverthorne or Frisco.

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>Nice report!  I skied there last T-Day nad they had already received 120".
>But by the time I got to it the snow was already 2 weeks old, so the lines
>you mentioned weren't in good shape.  We had to hoof it out all the way to
>the Horshoe Bowl to find the great powder...
>That ridge is pretty cool though.  Apparently when there's a stiff breeze
>blowing it's a fun walk.  Think how amazing the place would be with real
>vertical and sustained steepness...
>El Scorpion

Looks like they're about on pace to hit 120" again by this Thanksgiving
(87" so far). I like the place a lot, though you're right, it would be
really amazing with more sustained vert. I like all the traversing/hiking
though - keeps traffic down in some sweet spots. It's a lot like Loveland
in that way.

How is Horseshoe Bowl? Couldn't really see it due to the clouds/snowfall.
Looks like a pretty long slog out for not much vert. Surely worth it to get
powder though. Didn't make it to Dog Chutes either - did a couple Knife
Ridge hikes, Step Bowl & Peak Chute hikes as well. We wanted to hike
Alberta Peak but you couldn't tell up from down up there so we dropped into
the Peak Chutes instead. With all the traversing thrown in, we were pretty
beat. Skied open to close with only a short lunch break. I'll definitely go
back there to see what I haven't seen. Oh yeah, also for the pow ;)

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