After Bolton and MRG yesterday, K today was a mixed bag, + and - sort of

- Arrived 10ish with a headache that never went away.
- Lovely K policy change. Entire upper lot is for $15 valet parking.
Everybody else parks on the access road. At 10ish, that means 1/2 mile from
the base. There was a bus, but I hiked the full 1/2 mile up before it came.
Grumble grumble.

+ Decided it really wasn't that cold and there really was no need to carry
stuff up to the lodge so changed at the car. There's always something to be
said for a day that does not include a lodge.
+ During the hike up I scored a ticket.

- Can't tell if my radio wasn't working or there were no green plaid around,
but I definitely couldn't make contact. (It was the radio.)
+ A lot open for 11/16
+/- Did a bunch of solo runs on Rime and the neighboring trail. Not bad. Not
thrilling in any way. Headache won't quit. Kept looking for plaid. Shifted
over to Snowdon.

- bigger crowds.
- major snow gunnage. (Sharon, do you _like_ skiing through the guns?!)

++ Andy Dulik and friend Chris and PaulT yelled from the lift. I skied down
to meet them.
- Biffed bad and tweaked my knee. 12 hours later, stairs are painful.
Minor - Destroyed a safety leash.

+ Finally skiing w some plaid.
- I'm skiing and feeling like parc. After one run and two lift rides I split

+++ Poached some nameless trails to skier's far left on Snowdon (2nd to last
was Vagabond). Conditions were way too thin. Skiing was way too much fun.
Something about having to deal with what's there, figure out where a turn
can be made and where it can't, about hanging on to arc through a couple
linked turns in breakable crust. It reminded me why hiking Bolton had been
so much fun. I'm sorry. The crowded trails, with their semi-nice,
semi-scrapey, totally average conditions just did not scratch the same itch.

++ Lunch on a sunny secluded spot on one of those pitches.

-- Never meeting up w Guido 'n L.A.Sh

+/- minor base damage

+ (yes, +) leaving at a relatively early 2:00.


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