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>...oh yeah, how was the skiing?
-Only about 4" Friday night, an additional 3" on
>Saturday, and a mere dusting of an inch Saturday night. Sunday was crystal
>clear with only a slight breeze, but stayed frigid, never going above 13F
>at 8500'
Isn't terrible when it gets cold?
>However, there is very little terrain that isn't open. Conditions right now
>are significantly better than they were most of last January and virtually
>all of February. Snowbird even opened Mineral Basin this weekend. And
>there's hardly anyone skiing yet. At 3:30 yesterday I was the only person
>on Ballroom and Baldy Shoulder. Ditto on the High T and West Rustler.

Mark- Are YOU RUBBING THIS IN ON US VT SKIERS! Enough with the gloating
tone! We are praying for six inches of snow on what little crust we have on
the top third of our hills, and you are wallowing in snow out there! I am
beginning to freak out! Where is my snow! Where is my snow! Where is my

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