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    Jim> Anyone have experience with Canon Digital camcorders?
    Jim> Looking at Canon Optura20 model?

I have a Canon Optura 200. Not sure if that's a different model or if
you made a typo. Anyway, I like it a lot. It's small enough to stick
in a jacket pocket, so it's portable enough to ski with. The image
quality is very good, though naturally not as good as the higher-end
(and extremely bulky) Sony that I got to play with once. The 640x480
still image captures are not much to write home about; it's definitely
not a replacement for a still camera. It uses a fast Firewire
interface, and seems to have a fairly nice lens. My biggest complaint
is the ergonomics of the grip; it was awkward until I got used to
it. Now that I'm used to it, it's not as bad, although I need to take
off my right glove to shoot.

I still think it's at or near the top of its price range.

Dave G.

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