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Guess what we did this weekend?

On the way down, we stopped at the top of Monarch Pass and Jason, Winter
and I made a quick hike for a nearly untouched 3-400' vertical face right
next to the road. Mir watched and picked us up a little down the road.
Unfortunately, even though we skinned up in soft snow all the way, our
victory in a race with the sun was rewarded by 15-20 turns down untouched
breakable suncrust. Oh well, it was something to do.

Pulled into Silverton well after dark and after shopping around and
negotiating, we scored a room for $30/night (per room, not person) at a
place called, as near as we could figure, "Hotel Open".

Saturday morning we showed up at the mountain before 8am, just before the
hordes started to arrive. About a hundred people made it there. Hard to
believe, but some showed up without beacons! and were turned away when there
were none they could borrow. Silly people.

It was snowing hard and the wind was howling too. This meant that the lift
would not run and that the whole lot of us hoofed it up the liftline for
all 1900' or so of the vert it takes you too. It was quite a sight to see -
that many people in a single file line up and down the trail.

Our group of 10 started up the hill as the 5 group, but were the first to
reach the unloading station. From there, we strolled over to the backside
ade side by side we post holed down one of these gullies in thigh to crotch
deep snow. http://www.silvertonmountain.com/gallery/album02/aad

Almost halway down, just above a somewhat narrow choke, it was time to ski.
Gorgeous powder run. Jason got firsts after our Guide, then after a couple
more skiers it was my turn. Everyone in our group got untouched snow pretty
much the whole way down. But those who came after us, well they got good
skiing in too, but they had to eat our tracks.

That was that for Saturday, once up and once down. Later, at the "X" Bar,
Jason and I made note of the ratio of men to canines to women. They high
water mark, in the above order, was 22 to 6 to 4. 6 four-leggers in the
bar, 4 bi-ped females. Kinda funny.

Sunday the skies were clear and the temps were bitter cold. Got to minus 20
overnight and the high during the day was around 0. But the winds were calm
and the lift was running. Only about 60 people were there. We got 3 laps on
the frontside down gullies and trees with pitches in the forties. Lots of
varied snow conditions. Unbreakable windslab, breakable windslab, and
crotch deep powder. You learn a few things when you walk down a slope like
that. The snow changed back and forth between sugar and slab and powder and
combiinations of the three so many times over such short distances that it
seems to me that digging pits can! be totally useless. What's good here is
totally different 15 feet away and so on.

It was quite an experience, the skiing was great, the people were great and
we got an up close and personal look at some phenomenal terrain that we'll
get to lap up for free at some later date....


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