The weather was warm and rainy all night friday night, but by the morning
it was snow...sideways snow, with 30mph winds and higher gusts...all day
long. No one bagged a peak and no one went skiing. They weren't running the
lifts due to high winds. So we lounged around all morning and had a long
breakfast. Got dressed and bundled up and went out for a stroll around
Mirror Lake. The wind was rippin, but we were all in our ski clothes, so we
stayed warm despite the gusts that nearly blew us over. We ended our stroll
at the Lake Placid brewery where we enjoyed UBU and pub food. They got some
good grub there.

We retired for the afternoon to our friend's place and made good use of the
hot tub, VCR, sofa, stereo and blender. Mass quantities were consumed by 14
people until midnite when we all passed out.

In the morning it was snowing again. Bodies moving, coffee brewing. Check
the website for the conditions. 2" windblown, but still snowing. Our
friends had not yet even skied. There was no question we were going to ski.
Everyone's expectations were quite low since it poured all day friday and
froze up saturday and got windblown. We figured dust on crust. But our
friends wanted to make their first turns so we headed up the road to
Whiteface to ski, no matter the conditions.

It was much more wintery on sunday contrasting with fridays mild
conditions. It was snowing and windy.

Up the gondola to the top of Little Whiteface into the abyss. The clouds
were low and visibility was limited, but not debilitating. Excelsior to
Summit Express to Valley Rd takes you to the double chair back to the top
of Little Whiteface. Many laps were done. The conditions far exceeded our
expectations. They had done a great job grooming, resurfacing with snowguns
blowing throughout the day. Really nice surfaces. No ice to speak of.
Everything was carveable. It was fast if you let it rip and you could also
take time and make many perfect arcs in the fresh soft snow. It snowed most
of the day so the natural snow stuck nicely to the manmade snow further
softening the surfaces. It was 3-4x busier on sunday than friday, but there
was still plenty of room. Still had to beware of teenage boys on snowboards
going full throttle and making unpredictable moves.

Two times this week our expectations were more than met and we had 2 great
days despite less than perfect weather conditions at Whiteface.

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