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>-what are you repeating this year and what will you be dropping that
>didn't quite work out?

Repeating skiing as much as possible. XX ski days and 10 powder days thus
far. Off to a better start than last year. Dropping nothing I can think of.

>-any regrets?

I miss home from time to time, and people too. Also I regret that I've yet
to desecrate Vail.

>-what was it really like as a skibum?

It's like being a kid with zero responsibilty, other than to play.

>-how does one support oneself as a skibum?

There are many ways. A layoff and decent severance pay is a damn good start.

>-is a season pass necessary or can you score deals?

Yes. Around here, buying a season pass is scoring a deal. Last year my lift
served skiing cost me about $2 a day. And keeping your nose to the ground
turns up the usual deals on tix you can find most anywhere.

> Did you purchase a
>seasons pass or two this year?

Two. Unlimited A-Basin, Breck, keystone plus 10 days at Vail/Beav and
unlimited Loveland ski area.

>-what part of last season did you enjoy most?

Too difficult to answer. All of it.

>-what really sucked? Why?

My landlord sucked last year. Bitter old mother hen. She'd peak in my room
when I was gone for no reason at all and complain that I was messy. She
wanted everyone to spend no more than 5 minutes in the shower. She actually
had nothing better to do than listen to the pipes and shut of the hot water
when showers aproached 10 minutes. She actually expected tenants to shovel
the driveway (which wasn't part of the original deal). I never did. I'd
drive in and out in my 4WD with glee while here little sedan was buried.
Anyway, I remedied that and the living situation is a zillion times better.
I took great satisfaction in moving out on zero notice. "I'm leaving today,
seeya never"

>-did Winter surpass your expectations as skibum's best friend?

Didn't have any expectations for that. Although sometimes a bit of a pain
(taking off after other skiers, etc), she's been a pure joy to be with out
in the mountains. Great companion.

>-did last season live up to your expectations?

Are you kidding? I had something like a hundred powder days, encompassing
around 50% of my total ski days. Even more over the top than that was the
quantity of classic steep lines during corn season. Expectations exceeded.

>-what is your capacity to host skivittlers this season?

Two couches; on folds into a sofa. 3-4 more could crash on the carpet if
necesary and I suppose one more could sleep on the pool table if it came
down to that.

>-what have you learned about avalanches?  Did you learn it the hard way?

Lots and lots and still continuing to learn. Out of all the time I spent in
avalanche terrain last year, I triggered just one and that was inbounds at
a ski patrollers suggestion. "It's been bombed and ski-cut, go for it, I'll

>-how did you grow your inner skibum spirit?

? That's always been there.

>-what skills did you bring from the east coast that helped you the most?

A couple things. "Tight glades" in the east are known as "unskiable glades"
around here. Lots of powder sits around for weeks in the trees here that
would be tracked out in the first hour after a storm in the east. #2 would
be tolerance for cold. Most people here don't know what cold is. If it
isn't calm and sunny here, a lot of people won't ski. More powder for me.

>-what skills did you learn in Colorado that have helped you the most?

I've become much more comfortable with exposure and of course living at
10,000 feet has done magical things for my endurance, despite my bad habits.

>-did you experience any adversity that wasn't expected?

Not really, other than the landlord thing which has been taken care of. I
managed to piss off a couple local people on an internet forum who have
bigger egos than me (can you believe it ;) ), but that's more pleasurable
than adverse. Some people don't like losing the attention they used to get
to the new guy. Oh well!

>Any other words of wisdom you care to share?

If it holds snow, it's not too steep.

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