Many of us lived vicariously through you last season. You made us all
jealous and it looks like you're off to a good start this season.
You've obviously learned quite a bit along the way.  Beyond the obvious,
care to share with us what you might have learned along this journey?

Things such as (in no particular order):
-what are you repeating this year and what will you be dropping that
didn't quite work out?
-any regrets?
-what was it really like as a skibum?
-how does one support oneself as a skibum?
-is a season pass necessary or can you score deals?  Did you purchase a
seasons pass or two this year?
-what part of last season did you enjoy most?
-what really sucked? Why?
-did Winter surpass your expectations as skibum's best friend?
-did last season live up to your expectations?
-what is your capacity to host skivittlers this season?
-what have you learned about avalanches?  Did you learn it the hard way?
-how did you grow your inner skibum spirit?
-what skills did you bring from the east coast that helped you the most?
-what skills did you learn in Colorado that have helped you the most?
-did you experience any adversity that wasn't expected?

I suspect that you have had many backchannel conversations with some
from the list and they may know some of the answers. Others have
probably heard parts of the answers or are able to infer the answers but
I'm sure there's more to it than what you have already written?

Any other words of wisdom you care to share?


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