The announcement below from The Snelling Center for Government may be of interest to those working with graduate students interested in internships focused on public policy.

For details, please contact The Snelling Center at the contact information listed below.

Kristin Peterson-Ishaq
Coordinator, Center for Research on Vermont

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The Snelling Center for Government is organizing public policy internships for graduate students.  General information is below.  These internships cover a number of fields.  Until filled we will be posting information on some of the established internships we are hoping to fill.  We are also designing other intern opportunities to meet the specific needs of students.  Please contact us for more informaton.
with the Health Care Administration

Act 53 made several substantive changes in Vermonts Certificate of Need program, hospital budget oversight and added new regulatory responsibilities for BISHCA. In order to implement the changes articulated in Act 53, research and planning tasks are required.

The substantive areas for research and planning activities include: the Health Resource Allocation Plan, Community Needs Assessment, Hospital Report Cards and the Certificate of Need program (including batching of like applications). Tasks may include state research, internet research, literature searches, synthesis and analysis of the information collected from all sources, identification of foundations or other private sources for submission of grants to support the Health Resource Allocation Plan, grant writing, development of timelines and/or planning documents for specific work tasks, assistance with drafting new rules, development of new applications/financial forms.

Act 53 is a significant step, even when compared nationally, on health policy development. Its implementation may significantly impact health care costs, access and quality of care in Vermont.
The Snelling Center for Government will be organizing internships for graduate students with state agencies and nonprofit organizations for the winter terms.  These internships can be established for credit ,  if desired ,  and are multi-disciplinary.   Students from any department are eligible and encouraged to apply.  Several internships are available at the Snelling Center.  Others are with agencies such as the State Archives, the Secretary of State's Office, the Vermont Research Partnership, the Division of Health Care Administration (BISCA), the Vermont Association of Hospitals and Healthcare Systems, The Committee on Temporary Shelter, The Vermont Association of Nonprofit Organizations, and others.  Most placements offer a stipend.  Students applying early can state preferences, and there are opportunities to establish different types of projects and internships with agencies not yet listed.
 Participants will be provided placement and work support through the Snelling Center and will agree to attend a monthly seminar as part of the program.  The goal of the program is to provide quality work experience in creating and advancing public policy in Vermont.  To qualify for the program applicants need to be enrolled in a graduate program and demonstrate a strong interest in public policy.

For more information on the program and application materials please contact:
Glenn McRae, Ph.D.
The Snelling Center for Government
130 So. Willard St.  Burlington, VT 05401
859-3090 x 308
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