I was asked by the CS department chair, Dr. Wu, to have the CSSA staff a table at the Design TASC competition today. The Design TASC competition is sponsored by the College of Engineering and Mathematics.  Teams of high school students design and build devices to perform a specific task.

Jackie Redmond brought AIBO, the department's robotic dog, and Alison Pechenick donated some older computer hardware.  We also provided handouts, including sample course curricula, general information about the computer science program, and a sheet of logic puzzles.

Thanks to:

Alison Pechenick for her donation of materials and explanation of some of the hardware components.

Jackie Redmond for her help in setting everything up, programming AIBO for the event, and staying through the day.

Yoav for his offer of set-up help.

Chris Ruscio for being there for the day and answering questions.

Ali for helping me clean up and truck things back to Votey.

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