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Pier de Groot wrote:
> Moritz and Eddy,
> The value I actually gave was the value as given in one of my book chapters
> on standards by Manfred Groening, referring to the Boehlke et al. (2003)
> paper. I looked again in the Boehkle et al (2003) paper, and indeed, a
> number of values is given.
> I am not certain why Manfred selected this particular value (can you react
> yourself on this, Manfred?), but I guess since Boehlke and coworkers took
> into consideration the 'capital delta'17O signature (quoted is the work by
> Greg Michailski and coworkers: Michailski et al. (2002) Anal. Chem., 74:
> 4989-4993) of IAEA-NO-3 (= IAEA-N3) in their determination of the d18O
> value, it was considered the most reliable determination of the d18O for
> that reason!
> It also must be notified that there is a clear difference between 'off-line'
> (CO2, O2) and 'on-line' (CO) methods of roughly 2 - 3 per mil., whatever the
> reason. Worrying enough....
> In any case, we really need to have consensus about the values of standards
> and reference materials. Having a list of values for the same standard or
> reference material is not serving anybody.
> If the given d18O value is the best one (I followed Manfred Groening in
> this) might raise dispute by some. But we have to decide which value we do
> accept! We need to have an isotopic value solidly calibrated and traceable
> to the N-isotope scale - that should be the choice. Otherwise we cannot
> compare with each other and may bias our interpretations.
> Pier.
>>The Boehlke paper is indeed the latest report on d18O of IAEA-N3. But be
>>aware that there are quite a number of other (lower) values reported (in
>>parts compiled in the Boehlke paper).
>>On Tuesday, December 9, 2003, at 05:16  AM, eminet wrote:
>>>Dear list members,
>>>Has anyone of you a d18O value for the reference IAEA-NO-3 (for which
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