>(formerly the European Geophysical Society and the European Geosciences
>Union) 1st General Assembly will take place in Nice, France, 25 - 30 APRIL
>Further details at:
>Deadline for Support Application:  01 JANUARY 2004;
>Deadline for Receipt of Abstracts: 11 JANUARY 2004.
>As the Chair of the Unsaturated Zone Technical Committee (UZ-TC) let me
>point up in the Hydrological Sciences (HS) programme the UZ sessions:
>* HS17 - Hydrogeophysics: methods to identify properties and monitor
>processes governing water flow and solute transport in groundwater and
>vadose zones
>* HS18 - Reactive transport of solutes, vapours and colloids in the
>unsaturated zone
>* HS19 - Hillslope processes - the link between the vadose zone and
>catchment hydrology  HS20 From pore to core to field: soil physical
>processes and observations (co-sponsored by SSS)
>* HS21 - Model calibration and uncertainty assessment of unsaturated flow
>and transport processes across spatial scales
>Further we point up in the Groundwater (GW) sub-sessions:
>HS23    Aquifer assessment tools
>Convener:    Elliot, T.  (Queen's University Belfast; [log in to unmask])
>Co-Convener(s):    Nilsson, B (Geological Survey of Denmark; [log in to unmask];
>Sauter, M. (Universitaet Goettingen; [log in to unmask]);
>Mohamed, M.  (University of Sheffield; [log in to unmask]).
>Aquifer assessment tools generically are techniques applied specifically
>for the characterisation of key or critical aquifer properties both for
>groundwater resource assessment (eg. aquifer structures, yield, flow
>paths, connectivity, recharge/discharge, sustainability) and water quality
>assessment (e.g. physical, chemical, and biological properties,
>vulnerability, remediation, sustainability). This session encourages
>presentations of recent developments and state-of-the-art techniques for
>aquifer assessment, which may cover measuring and monitoring techniques
>(e.g. hydraulic testing, applied tracers, indicator techniques, in-situ
>microcosms, etc.) through modelling strategies and scaling approaches,
>especially driven by considerations of or concern for aquifer
>vulnerability and risk, remediation, and/or sustainability issues. We
>encourage also contributions from both scientists and water resource
>managers describing case studies that show how assessment tools have
>contributed to enhancing system characterisation and modelling, risk
>assessment, and sustainability criteria.
>HS25    Subsurface fluid, energy, and solute transport processes:
>concepts, models, and observations
>Convener:    Christensen, S.  (University of Aarhus; [log in to unmask])
>Co-Convener(s):    Elliot, T.  (Queen's University Belfast;
>[log in to unmask])
>This general symposium invites presentations on recent developments and
>state-of-the-art in understanding, measuring, and modelling subsurface
>hydrology and solute/vapour transport processes in both the saturated
>(groundwater) and unsaturated (vadose) zones, as well as across boundaries.
>And, in the Stratigraphy, Sedimentology and Palaeontology (SSP) Programme:
>SSP4    Economical and Environmental Sedimentology (co-sponsored by CL)
>Convener:    van Buchem, F. (IFP; [log in to unmask])
>Co-Convener(s):    Elliot, T.  (Queen's University Belfast;
>[log in to unmask])
>Dr. Trevor Elliot,
>Senior Lecturer in Environmental Engineering,
>Co-ordinator, EERC Environmental Tracers Laboratory (ETL),
>Co-ordinator, PgDip/MSc Environmental Engineering,
>School of Civil Engineering, Queen's University Belfast,
>Room 1020, David Keir Building (DKB), Stranmillis Road,
>Belfast. BT9 5AG. Northern Ireland.
>Tel. +44 (0)28 90 274736 (my office, internal x4736)
>OR  +44 (0)28 90 335647 (ETL, internal x5647);
>OR  +44 (0)28 90 274006 (general office, internal x4006)
>Fax. +44 (0)28 90 663754; E-mail.  [log in to unmask];
> or (personal webpage)

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