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I wish to draw your attention to an upcoming Penrose conference on

Mass Redistribution in Continental Magmatic-Hydrothermal Systems

September 6—12, 2004

Yellowstone National Park and Butte (Fairmont Hot Springs), Montana

This conference will provide a forum for discussion of how large-scale, magmatically driven hydrothermal systems operate in the continental crust and how they produce enormous geochemical redistribution of elements that sometimes result in economic mineral deposits. After magma transport, hot aqueous fluids ranging from nearly pure water to complex gas mixtures and brines produce the largest mass transfer within the crust. The conveners invite participants whose research span diverse expertise including igneous processes, geophysics, contact metamorphism, fluid flow, water-rock reactions, isotopic and chemical tracers, and mineral deposits. We will plan to examine what we know about these mass transfer processes, what we wish to know in the future, and how we should set about obtaining and analyzing the requisite new data.

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