I will have him do that.
Thanks a bunch

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Dear Eliot,

Have him take a look on our paper "Dynamics of the carbon dioxide system
in the Dead Sea" (Geochem. Cosmochem. Acta, 65, 355, 2001).

Best regards

Atekwana, Eliot A. wrote:

>Dear Isogeochemists,
>I have a student who is looking for d13C of DIC for brines.  He is
>working on alkaline brines in southern Africa.  Does anyone know if
>there are any references or unpublished numbers out there? He may also
>be interested in d13C of DIC in alkaline lakes or of other types of
>brines.  Any information would be greatly appreciated.
>Atekwana, Eliot A
>Assistant Professor of Geology
>Department of Geology and Geophysics
>1870 Miner Circle
>University of Missouri-Rolla
>Rolla, MO  65409-0950 USA
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