Yesterday, an IBM software problem with fiber channel drivers that
connects the email (IMAP & POP) server caused extremely serious
performance problems (to the extent that the system might as well
have been idle. The misbehaving IBM driver was replaced with one from
Emulex late last night. This appears to have solved the problem.
Neither IBM or we know why the IBM driver was not working properly.

Today email seems to be working as expected. However, there may be
lingering problems. Many, many messages were queued in the Norton
virus protection gateway yesterday, substantially exceeding its

The technical support team worked continuously on the problem until
nearly 4 AM this morning and were back early this morning to assure
that things would be ok this morning.  They are currently pulling
queued messages out of the anti-virus queues, and then manually
inserting a few messages at a time for delivery. The Norton product
will be replaced with a competitive product over the semester break.

Please accept our apologies for the interruption in service.

Roger Lawson