As many of you know, UVM has recently experienced email delays and
service interruptions.

These problems have been caused by:

        * the rising volume of email, especially spam
        * poorly performing anti-virus software
        * problems with fiber channel performance
        * email servers that no longer have sufficient reserve capacity

Note that while some email has been delayed due to virus checking,
        **no email has been lost.**

When there is any type of information technology service
interruption, you can get the current systems status by calling
656-1234. If the problem you observe is not described, please report
the problem to the CIT Helpline at 656-2604.

CIT Technical Support will be completing number of projects to add
capacity to UVM's email infrastructure over the semester break:

   * replacement anti-virus software
   * a new email cluster hardware and software designed to be scaleable

In the meantime, we apologize for these service interruptions and
thank you for your patience.

Roger Lawson