First, thanks for pasting the minutes in for me. It makes it much easier.

A few small suggestions:

I would say that Roberta will "ask" or "encourage" John Pike. Push sounds

There are a few misplaced apostrophes: Should be "Wimbles' residency status",
"Wimbles' decision" and "grades' research project".

I'm not clear on what the "stiffen the Commissioner's backbone" means. If he
disagrees with us, we don't want him to stiffen his backbone, right? I realize
that you say that he thinks it is politically impractical, but is that the
only reason he's unwilling to do it? Does he agree with it otherwise? Is there
anyway to make that sentence a little more clear, or at least less colloquial
for people like me who don't know all the history?

As for Brenda's article, I would say "research project on Moretown history".
It was about more than just the schools.